About Us

UOCA members are made up of professionals and companies whose activities are solely or partly involved in the Fintech – Blockchain / AI, IOT and similar, but this doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Union of Crypto Advisors (UOCA) is a non-profit trade union and professional organisation serving, supporting and protecting the interests of its members world wide.

The UOCA is proud to be a new organisation established in early 2018 with the intention of forming a community of Advisors dedicated to each other and to making the advisory world a better place. Over the next few months, it was apparent that the UOCA had a bigger role to play in facilitation between Advisors and companies that such Advisors were contracted by, especially in terms of fulfillment of agreements by both parties. Today, members include individual advisors, consultants, CEO’s, companies and organisations from several industries such as  Fintech – Blockchain / AI, IoT and similar.

Our cross-boundary nature and our combined membership gives the UOCA International unparalleled knowledge, insights, and influence in this space at national and global levels.

Our Mission

To set the standard for best practices in the advisor community of distributed ledger technologies and blockchain and to protect (compliant) advisors from (non-compliant) clients.
To be an independent, influential, global union and professional organisation, committed to delivering high quality effective services to its members.
Become the de facto and universally trusted “proof of credibility and value” so that projects can hire our members confident that they will behave ethically and provide the value expected.

What we do

Although the range of UOCA activities is very wide, they can be best summed up under these key headings:
  • representation
  • information
  • practical solidarity
  • arbitration
The UOCA represents the interests of members who are advisors associated with the Fintech, Blockchain, AI, IoT

Members should address any queries about these policies, rules and regulations relating to the conduct of the Union and its members to the Council and the Founders.

Our Philosophy



UOCA works to clear and defined principles – with a mission to serve, support and protect the interests of our members.


From and for Members

Our goals are developed with staff and officials in response to the policies that members set through UOCA’s democratic processes.


Committed to Excellence

UOCA’s core aims are to be an independent and influential trade union and professional organisation, giving high quality and cost-effective services to our members.

Let’s Work Together